The French Language School in Edinburgh and Aberdeen

Reinventing French with a Tangy & Colourful Experience @ Aberdeen

FrenchAce is a French Langauge School which started its operations in India in the year 2012 is now a well know Language School in North India. Rashmi Vohra the Professor has years of teching experience in French Language. We are providing only one to one classes at the moment in Aberdeen and would soon start with batches.

Our Approach !

         Flexible                        Individual
         Timings                        Attention

       Customized                    Quality
       Curriculum                    Education

 The Unique Approach to enjoy the learning...
 We call it Interactive French Classes.
 Case Studies: The only institute that studies
 the student's requirement periodically.

Why Learn French with Exclusive CASE STUDIES:
French Language in India or as a Second Language.

Ø  A language looks good on your CV, it also broadens your horizons.
Ø  Gives you a cutting edge and a rock-hard personality over others – You can flaunt your French knowledge.

Ø  French fluency will allow you not only to function but to compete effectively in the global economy of the future. It will also increase your job opportunities and salary potential. For those with apt skills and good proficiency in French they can work in diverse fields: hospitality and tourism industry, multinational companies, interpretation and translation, diplomatic services, teaching, research…

Ø  France is the epicenter of a great culture, including art, dance, cuisine and fashion reflecting in its unique language – French!

Ø  French is an official working language @ United Nations and 20+ Countries.

Ø  French is ranked the 2nd most influential language in the world.

Ø  France is one of the top producers of international films.

Ø  Amazingly 40 to 50% of English vocabulary comes from the French Language; you would become more worldly wise.

Ø  Travelling to Francophone countries becomes easier and more enjoyable as you can communicate with the local people and understand their culture more… Trust us you would relish that experience.

Ø  France being the World's most sought tourist destination.

Case Studies:

The Parents and The Toddler
'There was no one at school to inspire you' No one there to inspire a teenager would not develop the kid's interest to learn a Foreign Language, until motivated and Inspired by the closest to them - their parents.

French group for babies and toddlers – remember children pick up things more easily at a young age.

The Mother and The Child Bond
'It's fun to teach your toddler'
If you know a Language, it would be great fun and interaction with your toddler's learning. One day the toddler would grow-up to be a parent and would teach his / her children just like other subjects in life.
- Necessary to rejoice the language and not just know about it.

The Cultural Drift, Education and Business

'We weren't learning stuff that would be useful if you went to the country right away'
Practical lessons are interesting and fun to go with while learning the language to go for higher studies or engage in a Business with Foreign clients with a cultural difference.
To engage in business within French it is essential to understand their culture.

Engineering Grads with French Fluency have bright chances of being absorbed in Europe as a career also for foreign higher studies.


Our Unique Methodology

We use an interactive and communicative methodology with a modern approach.
Our motto is to make learning more fun and have an exciting time while interacting, work with global alliances on different case studies to improve the learning experience.
Study Material and our courses are based on Industry Standard Framework following International Best Practices.

Proficiency level of each person, be an adult, a teenager or a toddler is planned and maintained at all times, grooming you to be capable of writing exams for international diplomas, tests and accreditations with confidence.
We assess every individual on a Proficiency Scale to give attention accordingly.
The 4 parameters of language skills that we use to judge the individuals capability and potential are:
  • Listening
      • Speaking
          • Reading
              • Writing
The practical environment of our classroom gives you a look and feel of finding yourself in a real life situation giving you a learning experience of a lifetime.

The Study Material (Free for every individual) consists of Books and CDs for all Levels (A1 – C1)
The Books selected would be based on the individual assessment and global acceptance to make you live the French Experience.
Our Major Emphasis is given on acquiring writing and communication skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).